While I did not go immediately into my current career, I continued to work with Early American Auto Repair in various ways; one such hobby turned into a complete modification of an antique 1940 Ford 2 door sedan. I chopped the top 4 inches, and took a 4 inch section out of the lower body. I installed a Mustang II front suspension, Nova rear axle, and a small block Chevy engine to complete the customization. I never lost my love or appreciation of cars!

Previously I have restored numerous cars of varying vintage. Most were original restorations that placed in the top 3 of local antique auto shows. Some restorations were partial, as well as a few being modified. Complete restorations are projects I enjoy, but I choose them judiciously. A complete ground up restoration takes a lot of man hours; so you have to have an interest in the car you are working on.
About 25 years ago I spotted an old 1940 Ford 2 door sedan rusting in a field. It was severely rusted. When I inquired about it I was told I could have it for the taking. I always wanted to try chopping a top like they do on Hot Rods. This car was rusted so bad I didn’t feel guilty about chopping it. If it didn’t turn out well, I could scrap it without remorse. Well, the top chop turned out really well. But the bottom 4” of the car was rusted out, so I chopped that out and lowered the body. I then saw some hope for the car.
I welded in new floors, upgraded the front suspension (Mustang II) and rear suspension and axle assembly (Parallel leaf springs and open drive rear axle). I then boxed the frame rails and fit in a small block Chevy and late model transmission. All of the work I had done up to this point was just mocked up and tack welded. Life took over and the car sat for several years. My Father-in-law saw it and expressed an interest in the project so I gave it to him. He finished up all the welding. We widened the fenders to fit fat tires and fabricated a tilt front body clip. The chassis is now in the shop to be finished and we will move onto finishing the body and building a fresh engine for it soon. You will be seeing regular updates and it will be referred to as “The Family Forty”.
Stay tuned.

While automobiles are my career, they are also a hobby for my wife and I. Currently we personally own a 1909 Model T, 1930 Cadillac, 1965 Corvette and a 1975 Road Runner. We are members of the Antique Automobile Association both nationally and locally. I was the Chief Judge for the Apple Blossom Show for our Local association for approximately 5 years. My wife and I enjoy touring both locally on “Sunday Fun Runs”, and nationally. We annually attend a Reliability Run in New Hampshire with our 1909 Model T. We have also toured Long Island, New York with the Model T.

Take a stroll around the website to see if you recognize your car or one like it. You can contact me with any and all questions via the website. I provide quality craftsmanship at reasonable prices. I look forward to talking with you about your antique, classic or custom American automobile.